The Graceful Terran is a collection place for ideas about the various influences shaping our ecological beliefs and behaviour.

We can easily find information about the ways in which we are contaminating and abusing our natural world as well as suggestions for how we could modify our society, culture, and behaviour to remedy this issue.  The problem is that we aren’t doing it.  We may not even be moving in the right direction.

The two main questions that this blog asks is “Why aren’t we living sustainably yet?” and “What do we have to tackle within ourselves to get there?”

Other questions along the same line that are worth pondering include:
What makes change so difficult?
What shapes our attitudes and worldview?
How do we conquer the power of denial?
What are some of the forces that conspire to manipulate our behaviour and beliefs?
How can we use the power of habit to our benefit?
How can we ease the fears that arise when facing the unknown?
What happens to a human mind and body when it tries to separate itself from nature?
How do we plan for the longterm with a brain that loves immediate gratification?

For organizational purposes this blog has been roughly divided in four areas of discussion:

1. Exploring how beautiful a sustainable life can be to provide inspiration, motivation, and to ease anxieties about change.  Learn about situations (theoretical or real) where humans are happily, gracefully, and beautifully accomplishing true sustainability.  Removing the fear surrounding the idea that sustainable living is a negative sacrifice of “going without” or “moving backwards” and to show it to be more of a positive “coming home” and “rethinking priorities”.

2. Focusing on our best hope for the future by teaching and modeling sustainable principles to children, creating future generations with a healthy and sustainable worldview, and understanding the power of setting good habits at a young age.

3. Making sure that we are seeking clarity and truth about the processes within ourselves, our political systems, and our communities that are affecting our ability to live fully sustainably.  Asking the right questions, and defining problems with as much of an unbiased perspective as we can.

4. Understanding, appreciating, and connecting to Earth’s natural systems to find mental and physical vitality.


Solange Head 2

Thank you for spending some time here with me.

My name is Solange, and I am a lover of rich sensory experiences, raw poetic language, compelling imagery, good science, the natural world, delicious food, soul-stirring music, snuggling under soft blankets, tea, campfires, lake-swimming, and spontaneous road trips.

I’m a mother to four beautiful young children.

I hold an undergraduate degree in science (psychology) and a post-graduate certificate in creative writing.

I try to live by the principle of adding only good to the world.  I believe you can change a great deal about your situation by altering your perspective.  I gravitate towards people who value clarity, honesty, good ideas, and discussion.  I believe in the value of everyone, and every living thing.

I feel compelled to write The Graceful Terran because I’m curious and concerned.  There is no better place to ponder aloud than among my fellow thoughtful human beings.

I hope that in some small way I can empower and inspire you as well.


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